Cross-Cultural Seminars and Executive Training

Our goal is to help you better understand your clients or better manage your Hispanic employees based on cultural understandings and not on assumptions.

Misunderstandings Trust
Accidents Mutual respect
Duplication of activities   Better workplace relationships
Redoing work Loyalty through better customer service
Poor customer service Repeat business & increase referrals


Ultimately, cultural awareness leads to bigger revenues.

Call us today to plan a Seminar for your team.  Seminars can be given in both English and Spanish.

Training on Policies and Procedures in Spanish

Do you need to train your Spanish speaking employees in the proper policies and procedures necessary to effectively and efficiently complete their work tasks?  Or motivate them or help them become leaders of their teams?  At CSI we can create a customized Seminar that will help your Hispanic employees understand the ethitcs of your company, policies or procedures your organization needs to successfully serve your clients. 

We will customize the Seminar based on materials you may provide. These Seminars are provided in Spanish and the training topics can range from:


  • Job Descriptions
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Leadership Programs for Supervisors
  • Motivation and Quality of Life
  • Teamwork


Call us!  Let us help improve communication within your organization.