We have helped doctors to understand their Hispanic patients, teachers to talk with their students’ parents, lawyers to communicate with their Hispanic clients, bankers to offer their services in Hispanic communities, landscapers to improve their Hispanic employees’ performance, supervisors to increase productivity at work, businessmen to work with Latin American partners...

What can we do for you?

Helping to Increase Market Share

"I am a vice president for commercial real estate lending at a Chicago bank. I wanted to improve my Spanish-speaking ability in order to reach more customers in our Chicago and suburban markets. I studied Spanish with Customized Spanish Instruction for five months in one-on-one lessons with a native Spanish speaker. My Spanish ability improved greatly over the course of these five months. My instructor was an excellent teacher. Using the results of my initial placement examination, they focused on the areas of my Spanish that most needed improvement and designed a customized course of study designed to address these areas specifically, as well to improve my overall speaking ability and listening comprehension generally. They selected texts which were very useful. My theacher then supplemented these texts with other conversation topics drawn from her extensive knowledge of life in Mexico to help prepare me for short-term work assignments in Mexico City. She was also very flexible in preparing instruction times that would accommodate a busy schedule that sometimes required changes on short notice. I thoroughly enjoyed my study with CSI and improved immensely. I hope to take future classes with CSI to improve even more my Spanish language facility."

Vice President, Shore Bank.

Enhancing company benefits

"Our business elected to host four different levels of Spanish classes based on the needs of our staff. Each instructor was outstanding in his or her ability to tailor the classroom experience to the different needs and levels of understanding of the students. I highly recommend Customized Spanish Instruction and look forward to their hosting classes for our employees in the future."

Vice President, Community Bank of Oak Park River Forest

Improving efficiency through subcontracted services.

"Wright College Business and Industry Services contracted with Customized Spanish Instruction to deliver a program to teach Spanish to English speaking supervisors of Spanish speaking employees. Customized Spanish Instruction’s President, Angelica Taylor-Cortes and her staff managed this project with skill and professionalism. They worked with the company to identify objects and phrases that were common to the workplace. This information was used to create a customized curriculum. The instructor for the project was praised by the class, receiving high marks for her knowledge, her patience and her ability to keep the class engaged. Wright College BIS is very pleased with the services provided by Customized Spanish Instruction. Based on this project we would definitely consider them for future language training."

Director, Wilbur Wright College Business and Industry Services