Founder's Background

Angelica Taylor-Cortes

Angelica Taylor-Cortes co-founded and directed a successful language institute in Mexico City. With an extensive academic background in business including a Master of Science degree in International Business from Switzerland, Angelica brings to Customized Spanish Instruction, Inc. a wealth of intellectual and practical experience in the teaching of language.

She has worked for multinational corporations in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Mexico. She is fluent in Spanish (her native tongue), English and French. Now living in the Chicago area and with 18 years of teaching experience, she is providing high quality language services to business people and service providers. Both employers and employees find themselves achieving their linguistic goals in an atmosphere of personalized attention and focused instruction.

Customized Spanish Instruction, Inc. (CSI) has been featured by Telemundo Chicago Channel 44, La Raza Newspaper, SCORE, Urban Influence Magazine, the national publication of the Urban League and in Crain's Chicago Business Blog.

Customized Spanish Instruction, Inc  is certified as a FBE, Female Business Enterprise.